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The Montana Hybrid

The Montana Hybrid mattress is our most Luxurious RV mattress. And our best seller The Montana is handcrafted with the highest quality products available. We are confident you will find the Montana to be the most comfortable RV mattress you will ever sleep on. the Montana comes in three different comfort levels firm, plush, and soft pillow top. Built with over 1,024 wrapped coils!

The Aspen

The Aspen mattress is a 10" gel memory foam mattress, After years of testing we created the perfect combination of firm and soft, to give you the best feeling medium firmness mattress. The aspen is made from a high density 7" support foam, topped with 3 inches of 5 pound density gel memory foam. To top it off enjoy the soft yet cooling sleep experience of our Aloe Vera cover.

The Canyon

The Canyon mattress was designed to be the perfect mix between comfort & budget. Our Canyon mattress offers a firm/medium firm comfort level. The Canyon is made from a high density 6" convoluted support foam, topped with 2 inches of visco memory foam. To top it of enjoy the soft yet cooling sleep experience of our Aloe Vera cover. 

Wilderness Dream Bunk

Our Wilderness Dream Bunk mattress is designed to replace that horrible 3" pad that came with your RV. The dream bunk mattress is a 6" gel memory foam mattress designed to give you the best available comfort in such a tight space. Enjoy a softer cooler sleep over that thin pad they called a mattress.


Best Deal, Great mattress!

I was 100% skeptical of this mattress, but I figured that I would give it a try. I can say that I am blown away! This mattress is probably the best mattress that I have ever slept on. I have a $5k mattress at home that isn't this good!

This is a high quality extremely comfortable mattress. I will be ordering more for my house! If you you have an RV.....dont waste your money on the high priced RV mattresses. Try this one! You will not be disappointed. A+++

The worst bed for waking up

This bed is terrible if you really have to get up and be somewhere in the morning, but when camping who really keeps to a schedule? It is luxurious and comfortable!

I Wilderness RV Mattress has a good policy if the bed doesn't live up to its standards, but mine has performed its duty just fine.