Montana Hybrid - BEST

Montana Hybrid - BEST

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The Montana Hybrid is our most Luxurious RV mattress line. Our Montana is handcrafted with the highest quality materials available. We are confident you will find the Montana to be the most comfortable RV mattress you will ever sleep on. Some companies want you to believe one mattress fits all, but that is just not the case. Everyone defines comfort in their own way, that is why the Montana comes in three different comfort levels: Firm, Plush, and Soft pillow top. 

Most RV mattress companies only provide cheap memory foam options for the RV. We wanted to build the most luxury hybrid mattress available for RVs, and we have succeeded! That is why it is by far our Top Seller! Our quality & craftsmanship are unmatched. Order your Montana Hybrid today and turn your RV into a 5 Star Resort!

Try our Montana Hybrid 100% RISK-FREE for 100 Nights!

No Drama, no return fees - we're very confident you'll be in love with with your Montana Hybrid that we will refund you in FULL if you are dissatisfied. You will not have to squeeze it back in that little box! 

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Use our custom mattress builder to build virtually and size or shape! Rounded, Angle, Or Notched Corner NO PROBLEM!

We also offer hinged mattresses!



Our premium quilted top helps resist body impressions and provides optimal breathability while you sleep. Our new cooling cover helps regulate your bodies temperature giving you a much more comfortable sleeping environment. 


A 1" layer of patented, hyper - elastic foam features immediate response technology that adjusts to your body each time you move, and you never have that dreaded stuck feeling in the mattress. 


A 1" layer of transitional foam combines comfort with deeper compression support in the firm version of the Montana Hybrid.


An engineered layer, consisting of up to 961 individually encased coils, allows for exceptional reactivity and motion isolation, minimizing sleep disturbance. Additionally, high - caliber perimeter coils creates greater edge support along the sides, head, and foot of the bed. 

Select your comfort

We understand everyone is different, that's why we give you options! No one mattress firmness works for everyone. Which firmness level will work best for you?


Our mattresses are compressed and shipped in a box to easily move around your RV. The box size is 17" x 17" x 42".  After the mattress is removed from the box and unrolled it is ready to be slept on in 10-15 minutes.

Frequently asked questions

Mattress Thickness

Firm - 10" Thick Mattress

Plush - 10" Thick Mattress

Soft - 11" Thick Mattress


Our Montana Hybrid comes with a non pro-rated 10 year warranty.

How long will it take to get my mattress?

Typically your mattress should arrive in 7-10 business days.

How is Wilderness RV Mattress different from other mattress brands?

Wilderness RV specializes in making mattresses for RV’s. We didn’t just repurpose a bedroom mattress and call it an RV Mattress, we built the core and design of each layer to serve a purpose specific to the comfort of RV’s and the outdoors.

What features do your mattresses have that others do not?

Our focus was comfort, because this was our number one issue when we were on the road and had to cut trips short due to bad sleep, sore back or flat out exhaustion from not being able to sleep.

We wanted to provide a temperature regulating design, made innovative material, and dynamic layers that give comfort not normally found in foam beds. Our engineering team was not happy figuring out how to squeeze all this into a box for shipping!

Who is Wilderness RV Mattress?

We are a family owned and operated business. We have been avid RVers our whole life! We also have over 15 years experience in the mattress industry. Learn more about our story here!

Where do we ship?

We ship across the U.S. and Canada. All items ship FREE to the continental U.S., while shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, & Canada has a flat rate fee of $149.

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