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  • Best RV Mattress EVER!

    We have had it for about a month and I am still as happy with it as the first night. I like a firm mattress and my husband prefers softer. We both sleep very well on the Montana Hybrid- Best!

    — Emily N.
  • So comfy!

    After trying another rv mattress that was terrible, and dealing with customer service that was even more terrible (Ghostbed), we took a chance and bought the soft version of the Montana Hybrid. Oh my gosh, best sleep ever! Very comfortable, and though I wake with lower back pain most mornings, I had ZERO back pain on this mattress. Hallelujah! Now I want to get this mattress for my house. Awesome mattress. We’re very happy.

    — Marisa M.
  • Two RVs and Two Wilderness Mattresses

    Our new RV came with a uncomfortable mattress. After doing a search, we decided on a Montana Hybrid - RV Mattress. We liked the new mattress so much that we replace the mattress in our second RV with the same mattress.

    — John G.
  • Montana hybrid - queen

    This mattress is awesome, like sleeping on a cloud , just the perfect amount of soft and firm for both my husband and I. Delivery was fast and customer service was excellent.

    — Karen
  • Love our New Mattress!

    We purchased the new mattress on the recommendation of a friend who has the same and it did not disappoint! Comfy night sleep in our RV. Standard sheets fit well and it’s a definite upgrade to the memory foam mattress we replaced!

    — Charlie W.
  • Very satisfied

    We like it better than the sleep number mattresses. Very comfortable and very satisfied with our purchase.

    — Joseph E.
  • Five star rating!!

    This was worth every single penny! Very quality!

    — Shaun W.
  • Back Saver

    We came down to Florida from Ohio for the winter. Our mattress with a topper was not comfortable. We researched RV mattresses and choose a Montana Hybrid RV mattress. We love it.

    — Sam C.
  • LOVE our new mattress!

    Shipping, set up was fantastic. We are so happy we purchased this mattress to replace our stock RV mattress. Twice the thickness and being a hybrid, it is so plush, comfortable, makes all the difference. Great nights sleep!

    — Cindy N.

The Wilderness Pillow

Our amazing pillow allows for the inside filling to be added or removed to perfectly cater to your individual preference. The airflow allows the pillow to stay dry in humid environments, keeps cool throughout the night and stays balanced with your body temperature.

Frequently asked questions

How is Wilderness RV Mattress different from other mattress brands?

Wilderness RV specializes in making mattresses for RV’s. We didn’t just repurpose a bedroom mattress and call it an RV Mattress, we built the core and design of each layer to serve a purpose specific to the comfort of RV’s and the outdoors.

What features do your mattresses have that others do not?

Our focus was comfort, because this was our number one issue when we were on the road and had to cut trips short due to bad sleep, sore back or flat out exhaustion from not being able to sleep.

We wanted to provide a temperature regulating design, made innovative material, and dynamic layers that give comfort not normally found in foam beds. Our engineering team was not happy figuring out how to squeeze all this into a box for shipping!

Who is Wilderness RV Mattress?

We are a family owned and operated business. We have been avid RVers our whole life! We also have over 15 years experience in the mattress industry. Learn more about our story here!

Where do we ship?

We ship across the U.S. and Canada. All items ship FREE to the continental U.S., while shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, & Canada has a flat rate fee of $149.

See our full FAQ Page

Our Story

We are a family owned and operated business. We have been avid RVers our whole life! We also have over 15 years experience in the mattress industry. It all started by us replacing our crappy mattress that came with our RV. That lead to helping our friends replace theirs, then their friends and so on. Once we realized the dire need of mattresses focused on the RV industry, we set out to develop great quality mattresses designed for RV's, making made sure to keep cost, weight, & durability in mind. We have developed some of the best quality RV mattresses on the market. All of our mattress come compressed in a box so that it can be easily shipped and maneuvered around your RV.