Interested in becoming an Affiliate for Wilderness RV Mattress?

Are you a friendly active RVer who loves talking to other RVers? Are you an active RV blogger or influencer? If you answered yes to either of those questions then you might be a perfect fit for our affiliate program. Who doesn't enjoy making extra income out on the open road doing what you love? We offer a very competitive commission structure that can fit anyone's activeness levels. 

Why not make money by doing what you're already doing? If you talk to people at campsites or post online, just by adding a mention to the mattress that you love, that conversation has now made you money.

The mattress that comes in any RV is....less put it mildly. Everyone needs to replace the mattress, just be the one to direct them to us and earn some extra money to put towards that new unit you've been eyeing. With our commission structure, your earning potential is unlimited! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join? 

Use our Affiliate Program sign up link. Prospective Affiliates should have a website or social media that shares content that is in line with our brand values. We have a very stringent policy for approval.

Do I qualify to join? 
Every application receives a manual review to ensure that you will be a good fit for our company.

What is the commission? 
Once approved, you will receive information regarding our commission tier structure. With an average order value of $860 the earnings can be high. The commission will range from 5%-10% with a 30 day cookie duration. In your control panel, you will have access your account and real-time performance.

What if a customer gets refunded? 
With such a low return rate, this is barely a worry. If a customer cancels the order, utilizes our sleep trial, or files for credit card dispute/fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.

How do I see how much I've earned? 
Upon approval, you will get access to the control panel, you’ll have full access to all of your performance and financial metrics at a glance.

What does Wilderness RV Mattress provide? 
Our mattresses come with a ton of raving reviews. Also, we’ll provide you an assortment of logos, banners, and images to use in your advertising and on your website. You will also have a dedicated affiliate manager to help maximize your earning potential and answer any questions along the way.

Does it take any technical skills? 
Everything should be a simple copy and paste into your website code.

Can I bid on any of the Wilderness RV Mattress or product names for search marketing? 
No, but all other search terms are fair game.

Can I get a discount on my mattress? 
Yes, just not immediately. You will purchase your mattress at full price. Once you have 25 qualifying orders through your link, we will refund 40% of the purchase price. This will not be kept up with automatically and you will need to reach out once hitting that level.